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*this publication is not being produced or sold and there is only one in existence. the content has been sourced from various other magazines, websites, and blogs. the sole purpose of this publication is to gather a collection of designers, entrepreneurs, and brands I find inspiring towards my own personal journey in a way that allows me to explore publication design further. 



something or someone belonging to or appropriate to a period other than that in which it exists, especially a thing that is conspicuously old-fashioned.


editor's note:

"As an old-soul and lover of anything that has lived a lifetime before mine, anachronism focuses on just that. Whether it’s clothing, art, music or literature, this publication hopes to showcase and collect the new ideas inspired by the old. 
In that regard, the first issue of this publication chooses to take the spirit of an anachronism and focus it on style. Something that has been a constant source of enjoyment and inspiration in my personal life. 
It is a carefully selected curation of designers and brands that are the most inspiring to me as an individual and a striving creative." 

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Vintage Fashion / Article Source: FORBES Magazine / Written by: Rachel Hennessey /  Photography: Getty Images

Scotch & Soda / Article Source: RACKED / Written by: Alyson Krueger / Photography:  Scotch & Soda, FW16

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Marie Sophie Lockhart good for nothing embroidery /  Interview Source: REFINERY 29 /  Written by: Erin Cunningham / Photography: Erica Gannett, Tom Newton, Angel Jang   

Jerome Peel PEELS NYC /  Interview Source: i-D /  Written by: Paige Silveria /  Photography: Mateus Lages, Rebekah Campbell    

Susan Choi Persephone Vintage / Interview Source: american express essentials / Written by: Gail Wilcoxen /  Photography: Clarke Latta Henry III

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Alessandro Michele Gucci / Article Source: Harpars Bazaar / Written by: JJ Martin / Photography: Jeff Yiu, Jason Schmidt, Jamie Hawkesworth, Glen Luchford, VOGUE