Jess DePaul


(Pictured Left)  "Mister Baby", Back View  •   Influence:   Mystery Train,  a film by Jim Jaramush (1989)  •    Materials:  vintage women’s leather jacket (c.1980), polyester thread, silk fabric, acrylic paint  •   Techniques:  free-motion machine embroidery, hand lettering, appliqué,  Alters:  new inside lining   (Pictured Right)  "Re-Make/Re-Model", Front View  •   Paired with:  custom silk pants  •   Influence:   Roxy Music  album, Roxy Music (1972)  •   Materials:  vintage women's velvet jacket (c.1970), baroque silk fabric, acrylic paint, metal chain, polyester and cotton thread  •   Techniques:  embroidery (hand and free-motion machine), hand chain-stitched lettering  •   Alters:  re-tailored front bodice and collar   (Pictured Center)  "Birthday Party", Front View  •    Influence:   Mutiny/Bad Seed EP , The Birthday Party (1989)  •   Materials:  vintage   mens trench coat (c.1980), silk and polyester thread, Swarovski crystals, velvet fabric, acrylic and fabric paints  •   Techniques:  hand chain-stitched lettering, free-motion machine embroidery (patches)  •   Alters:  new inside lining, re-tailored inseams/sleeves and hem   (Wearing and   Pictured Below )  "Now What", Side and Back View  •   Paired with:  hand chain-stitched neck scarf  •   Materials:  womens military-style jacket, bleach, wax, gold chain, cotton fabric  •   Techniques:  bleached and waxed, digitally printed back patch  •     Alters:  cropped and angled bottom hem, shortened sleeves, replaced buttons

now what

An actively updated feed of my personal sewing and embroidery projects. 

All work displayed is done entirely by hand. I use my sewing machine to embroider free-hand imagery mixed with hand-sewn chainstitch lettering and occasionally paint. The muse behind a majority of these personal pieces typically comes from musicians, films, or eras I wish to pay tribute to.